We want to introduce you the golf!

If your friends, relatives or coworkers haven’t yet played golf, give them a chance to take a golf lesson! The golf lesson is all about understanding how this game works, trying it for yourself, having fun, getting away from the house or business routine and get chance to play one of the most popular games in the world.

A professional coach will tell you about the golf game:

  • You will visit the golf course and ride golf carts.
  • You will learn about golf clubs – what they are different and when they are used.
  • You will learn how to pitch and putt golf balls.
  • You will compete in a mini golf tournament.

We will provide you with all the equipment you need for the game.  You will spend your time in the open air, with your friends or coworkers in a fun, active, and meaningful way.

Let the golf win your hearts!


With the questions or capabilities please contact us: 

Tel: +370 619 99 999